International Exhibitors

Int'l exhibitors gather to succeed in Japan & Asia

1. International Exhibitors from 30*Countries/regions

(in alphabetical order, including co-held shows)

ESTHEC JAPAN will be the best gateway to find distributors in Japan and Asia. It will attract a large number of international exhibitors. It is highly recommended to make the most of this show and start business in Japan and Asia.

International Exhibitor: Gather a large number of visitors and build brand with attractive booth

2. List of exhibiting countries/regions (2020 Tokyo Show)

(in alphabetical order, including co-held shows)

 - Austria     - Brazil     - Canada     - China     - Colombia     - Egypt     - France     - Germany     - Greece      - Hong Kong     - Israel     - Italy   - Japan     - New Zealand     - Poland     - Portugal     - South Korea     - Spain     - Switzerland     - Taiwan     - Thailand     - UAE     - UK     - USA     - Vietnam

National Pavilion (countries/regions): Largely exhibit as pavilion and stand out at the show

National Pavilions of the 2020 Tokyo show (Pavilion names in alphabetical order)

- Canada  - China  - France  - Germany  - Italy  - North America  - Poland  - South Korea  - Taiwan  - Thailand

3. “Newcomers to the Japanese Market”

Many of international exhibitors at ESTHEC JAPAN are newcomers to the Japanese market, who do not have importers or distributors in Japan.
For overseas exhibitors who are looking for importers, Show Management offers Special Exhibiting Plan "New Comers to the Japanese Market".

Special Exhibiting Plan for those looking for importers:
"New Comers to the Japanese Market"

ONLY for overseas exhibitors who do NOT have importers in Japan.
Extensive support services and more affordable package plans help you try and enter the Japanese market. In addition, Show Management conducts special promotion focused on this area to the huge database of importers/distributors in Japan.
>> Promotion/Support Services by Show Management

For more information on the regulatory support and Special Exhibiting Plan “Newcomers to the Japanese Market”, please contact Show Management!

Exhibit at ESTHEC JAPAN and expand your business!

Contact Show Management for more Exhibiting Information!

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